Easter message

posted Apr 14, 2020, 12:20 PM by Roisin Philippe

April 10th

Easter Read-aloud

Hello Parents and Students,

I hope you are finding interesting things to do on this damp day. I often find that Good Friday is not a very nice weather day in general. 

I recorded myself reading a story from one of the books I found in our library at school. The title of the book is The Road to Easter Day by Jan Godfrey and Marcin Piwowarski. The art work in the book is beautiful so I created a WeVideo to share with you. For those of you who don’t know, Wevideo is one of the apps that is available to every student in the board through your student portal. Maybe you can make one too! If I can figure out how to do it, anybody can!!

Here is the link to the story :-) https://www.wevideo.com/view/1645287938

Have a wonderful Easter weekend everyone!

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy!

Mrs Philippe

April 9th

Easter Message

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students

On February 26th, Ash Wednesday, these words were shared with many of us as we prepared for Lent: “We need the nails of Christ to set us free. Fasten us to a new life, a changed life, a different life!” As we look around us now, we can see how these words resonate with the current times. Change is necessary and we have had no choice but to embrace this different lifestyle as we respond to this unprecedented time this pandemic has caused. Christ’s love that lives in each of us guides our actions. In answer to “What Would Jesus Do?”, our school board and school community has reached out to the most vulnerable and supported one another with compassion while continuing to maintain the practice of physical distancing. Yesterday, we were able to distribute many devices to students in our board who required this to continue with the learning from home. Our staff have worked very hard to provide valuable lessons for your children, our students, to complete, if possible, while they are physically distancing themselves from school. Please know that we recognize that all home situations vary and that the expectation of what is completed during this time is at the discretion of you, the parents. 

The compassion that has been shown by all members of our community is astounding. The emails and various other forms of messages that we have received of those in need and those supporting the community has had an impact on all of us. We continue to need your help. Two days ago I wrote to you expressing the need for prayers for our little warrior Ollie who continues his battle with lymphoma. The family continues to need our prayers and we would like to continue to support them with the financial burden of living in Toronto as he undergoes further treatment at SickKids. We have come together virtually in prayer, as a staff, as a community through St George Parish and with your prayers from home. Please keep this chain of prayers going as they move forward with this next round of treatment. We continue to collect money to support the Acosta-Pickering Family through our Wellness Fund which can be accessed through School CashOnline - the link is on our school website  Any donation is greatly appreciated. 

As we look forward to a brighter future when we can all come together in our homes, schools,  and in our community, we can take the time to reflect on our cherished traditions and how we are making the most of our current situation. With the Easter Bunny deemed an “essential” service, children around the world can continue to enjoy this favourite tradition.

Father Hans has also shared the following link to the  St George Parish Youtube channel in order to come together virtually for mass/liturgies. 

As always, I can be reached by email at Roisin.philippe@ocsb.ca 

May the love and peace of the Easter season be with you and your loved ones.

Roisin Philippe and Teri Shurb