May 1st Update

posted May 4, 2020, 6:26 AM by Roisin Philippe

Dear parents and Guardians!

Welcome to the month of May! The springing of flowers, the birds chirping, the warmer weather are great to help lift up our spirits. I hope you are able to get out and enjoy the weekend, while of course physically distancing ourselves and staying safe. 

The staff loves receiving personal messages from the students whether it’s about their school activities that they have provided or other neat activities they have been doing at home. We love that you are embracing the little challenges on twitter as well. Keep sharing! We miss our friends!!

This coming week is Catholic Education Week as well as Mental Health Awareness Week. Our staff has prepared some wonderful activities to mark this week in a very personal way. This year it will look very different to past years, we must embrace this change and seek out the positive that we can do. Please read this attached letter which provides more information about Catholic Education Week.

We are also aware of purchases that were made prior to Covid through school cash. As we were not able to deliver on the goods purchased (milk and popcorn) we have 3 options for  parents who made purchases.

  1. Do nothing and have the funds kept in the school budget for next year’s student activities.

  2. Send the school an email requesting the funds be placed back on your credit card by May 8th. We will be processing these funds first on an emergency basis.

  3. Apply the funds for purchasing the same item next school year. Please send an email indicating this choice.

Thank you for your continued understanding through these unprecedented times.

As we continue with distance/emergency learning, we understand that this is not always easy or feasible. Please remember this is optional and is at your discretion. Our teachers/educators are here doing their best to provide engaging, equitable activities to help increase our students' learning but they understand the difficulties involved in trying to accomplish this from a distance. Many of them have either little ones, teens, aging parents or other family members with health issues that they are caring for as well. They understand the difficulties with trying to have your child sit and do school work. Please remember that learning can happen anywhere, out for a walk, doing work around the house or in the garden, preparing food (I personally love this one!! - although there is a lot of baking happening in my house so I need to increase my exercise to balance things out!). We hope the activities we have put together for next week will help bring you together as a family and “Ignite some hope” for your family and our community. 

Take care and stay safe! As always, please reach out if I can be of assistance!